False rue anemone

So even though I wasn’t much in the photo taking mode on our hike tonight, I just COULD NOT resist this patch of false rue anemone.  I mean, could you???  So cheery. So full. So happy and bushy!  So showy!  Just screaming “look at me”!  Probably the best patch I’ve seen all year- and believe…

Squirrel corn

I was very happy to see some beautiful colonies of squirrel corn today during our wandering.  This forest preserve is especially sad to me as it was clearly so high quality one day long ago.  And now you have to work hard in some spots to find the remaining native plants among the invasives- you…

Jacobs ladder 

This was the spot that had been burned this spring and as I anticipated the Jacobs ladder was abundant!  Absolutely incredible. In number, I can only compare it to Virginia bluebells alongside some of the rivers here.


On the right slopes we found the last hepatica just holding on – much smaller flowers than earlier in the season

Prairie smoke

Seems too early to see this blossoming but it was in a cultivated prairie garden in full sun. 

Wood Betony (Pedicularis canadensis)

HUGE patch of wood betony just as we emerged from the woodland to the prairie. Definitely the largest patch I’ve ever seen- and again seems to be the lucky benefactor of a controlled burn this spring.  

Large flowered bellwort

Just started flowering at this preserve even though abundant not too far away at Johnsons mound. 

Jack in the pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum)

Saw my first unraveled example of the season!  I love the diversity of the appearance of these little guys.  From itty bitty tiny to large, from palest of green to purple, it seems each one I meet is its own unique individual.